Amujae Leader Yawa Hansen-Quao facilitates an inspiring conversation between US Congresswoman and young African women

Leading Ladies’ Network—a Ghana-based nonprofit organization founded by Amujae Leader Yawa Hansen-Quao to help young women acquire life skills and achieve their leadership potential—recently organized a reception in honor of US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Also joining the event with US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, was Amujae Leader Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings—a Member of Ghana’s Parliament—who commended her inspiring journey as a public leader.

Ms. Lee, who was visiting Ghana as part of a US congressional delegation that included US Congresswoman Barbara Lee, was received by a group of women leaders from various fields and engaged with them in a discussion moderated by Ms. Hansen-Quao.

 The event was an opportunity for the young women of the Leading Ladies’ Network to meet a high-level US government woman leader and become acquainted with her legacy of public leadership.

 Addressing the positive impact that the discussion had on the participants, Ms. Hansen-Quao said that interacting with an exceptional US woman leader and learning from her life journey was a unique experience. Both US congresswomen were offered a citation as a token of appreciation for their influential public leadership roles:

“The events were in honor of their public service and leadership, and the inspiration to women in Africa, but also because they’ve supported many policies or championed the policies that have benefited women in Africa.”

Urging the young African women to create their leadership path and to “choose for yourselves what kind of leaders you will be,” Ms. Lee emphasized that women in Africa have a unique opportunity to rise and take up leadership roles that will define the future of the continent. 

She also voiced hope that new far-reaching US policies will be enacted to account for the significant potential on the African content, supporting sectors such as trade, climate-smart agriculture, and the creative industries.

Ms. Agyeman-Rawlings, who delivered the closing remarks, reaffirmed the importance of women’s economic participation on the continent and the need to create inclusive opportunities that make them active contributors to their countries’ growth.

Leading Ladies’ Network brings together more than 12,000 young women and girls from eight African countries and supports them in fulfilling their public leadership ambitions through capacity-building and skills development. It also helps them to apply their newly-acquired skills in student governments and community organizations.

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