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Women leaders: drivers of ambitious commitments toward equality

In its latest report, the World Economic Forum projected that, at the current pace of change, closing the gender gap will take 132 years. The sobering conclusion reached in its 2022 Global Gender Gap Report means that no one living today can expect to see full parity reached around the globe in their lifetime.

Tackling gender inequality and improving the global prospects of women and girls requires urgent and ambitious action, as well as increased global commitments and investments.

Launched during the 2022 African Philanthropy Forum Conference by Zimbabwean philanthropist Tsitsi Masiyiwa, the Africa Gender Initiative is helping break down the barriers that prevent women’s advancement in every sphere of life.

The Africa Gender Initiative aims to raise $50 million within the next few years from African philanthropists to support Co-Impact’s Gender Fund. The fund’s goal is to raise and deploy $1 billion over the next decade to support predominantly women-led Global South organizations to enhance justice and equity, and advance women’s power, agency and leadership at all levels.

By supporting Co-Impact’s Gender Fund, the Africa Gender Initiative will play a critical role in enabling local organizations to tackle systematic gender inequalities in key areas such as education, health, and economic participation in Africa.

Driving gender equality forward rests in large part on the endeavors of women in positions of leadership in the various spheres of public life, including the philanthropic field. With our Amujae Initiative, the EJS Center is investing in the potential of African women and creating a pipeline of inspiring women leaders who can help level the playing field across the continent.

As we prepare to welcome the third cohort of Amujae Leaders, the Center continues to mobilize support for greater representation of women in public leadership roles and in decision-making circles.

If you are an ambitious African woman leader who aspires to serve at the highest levels of public leadership, you can apply now for the 2023 cohort of Amujae Leaders.

Apply here before 0800hrs GMT on Monday, 20 February 2023.

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