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Umra Omar highlighted as a gubernatorial candidate in Kenya’s upcoming general election

In Kenya, the rise of ambitious women public leaders like 2021 Amujae Leader Umra Omar could mean that the country may soon see more women governors, according to a recent Nation article

In four out of the six counties that make up Kenya’s coastal region, women have stepped forward to run for gubernatorial positions in the country’s 2022 general election. Ms. Omar, who is a candidate in the Lamu gubernatorial race, told Nation that Kenya is full of brilliant women who could capably lead the country at all levels, but there has not yet been enough support for women leaders from Kenyan society at large. 

Despite the challenges, Ms. Omar encouraged more women to put themselves forward for public leadership positions: 

“I believe a good leader must not be afraid of the obstacles before them. I therefore encourage fellow women here not to let male chauvinism weigh them down.” 

Raya Famau, a community leader and activist from Lamu, also spoke with Nation to share her hopes about what Ms. Omar’s candidacy could mean for the county’s future:

“This is a positive move for women in Lamu, who have for years been stifled by culture and a chauvinistic society that generally prefers men over women in leadership.” 

In addition to Ms. Omar, the other women candidates in the 2022 race are Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, Kwale Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani, and Likoni MP Mishi Juma Mboko. 

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