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Shifting the Landscape: 2022 in Review

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022, it will take another 132 years to close the gender gap. Despite all these limitations, African women are drivers of progress, and this yearly publication is dedicated to celebrating their efforts and contributions towards Africa’s success. Centring on African women’s progress throughout 2022, the report notes the achievements of women at the highest levels of the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. 

This report aims to humanize women on the forefront of public governance on the continent, showing them as people who have surmounted various challenges, overcome the greatest of barriers, fought hard and worked tirelessly for their place in leadership. They are women who believe in the potential of the continent and all that can be gained by making sure that everyone has equal opportunities and access to fully contribute to the Africa we want to see. 

There have been a lot of wins in the past decades, but also there is so much more ground to cover. For the handful of countries that are approaching gender parity in governance positions, there are still tens that have only a handful of women in roles of public governance. This is why the work we do with the Amujae Initiative that was founded in 2020 is extremely important to us. That of creating, nurturing, and expanding the network of accomplished women public leaders across Africa and ensuring that future generations will have a wealth of female leaders to turn to in driving the continent’s development forward.

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