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Report: 2021 Amujae Leadership Forum

In late October, accomplished women leaders from across all five regions of Africa gathered for the 2021 Amujae Leadership Forum in Monrovia, Liberia. The participants—known as Amujae Leaders—are part of the EJS Center’s flagship program, the Amujae Initiative, which aims to inspire and prepare women to unapologetically take up roles and excel in the highest echelons of public leadership, and to bring other women along.

Focused on the theme “Building Resilience,” the Forum provided an opportunity to deepen relationships amongst this incredible group of women, enable them to share strategies for getting through this time of increased vulnerability and high uncertainty, and encourage them to focus on their goals.

In our new report, we highlight some of the key takeaways from the Forum, which took the Amujae Leaders on a three-day journey of personal discovery and introspection, and challenged them to keep their larger goals in sight despite setbacks. The first day, focused on personal resilience, took leaders on an inward journey. The second day concentrated on resilience for public leadership, and the third focused on building a resilient network. It was clear from the start that the three axes of resilience are inextricably linked. The Forum was designed not only to explore each thread, but also weave them more closely together.

With that in mind, the Amujae Leaders engaged in sessions led by a distinguished group of coaches, presenters, and facilitators who offered a fresh perspective on each of the three axes of resilience. They were provided with a platform for sharing not only inspiring stories of success, but also the challenges and setbacks that have marked their journeys as leaders, particularly amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Amujae Leaders also engaged directly with EJS Center Founder and former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who shared words of wisdom from her own leadership journey. She urged the women leaders to set clear goals for themselves, stay the course, and be fearless, despite attempts to bring them down. She encouraged them to forge ahead: “Failure is success upside down. It prepares you for the next phase of your journey.” 

From the feedback shared by Amujae Leaders at the end of the Forum, it was clear that it achieved its key aims. As one leader noted: “Amujae sisters are my tribe in this journey of female leadership in Africa and beyond. Now is the best time to be a woman!”

You can read and download the report here.

The EJS Center is currently recruiting for the next cohort of Amujae Leaders, with applications open until 11:59 PM GMT on Sunday 23 January. You can learn more about how to join this inspiring group of African women leaders here.

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