Pioneers and equity champions: Amujae Leaders celebrate International Women’s Day 2023

African women continue to make strides in public leadership by overcoming systemic barriers and challenging gender bias. The EJS Center’s Amujae Leaders are prime examples of accomplished African women who are striving, each in their own field, to create a more inclusive environment for women and girls on the continent by helping their communities and countries to fully embrace equity and justice.

Celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme of ‘Embrace Equity,’ several Amujae Leaders highlighted women’s crucial role as decision-makers in every sphere of life and as agents of positive change in society. Here are a few of the many activities the Amujae Leaders took part in this International Women’s Day:

Malado Kaba,  who currently serves as Director of the Gender, Women and Civil Society Department at the African Development Bank (AfDB) took part in a workshop in Boké, Guinea, with fellow women leaders and representatives from governments and the finance sector, in which she advocated for increased economic participation for women in Africa:

“African women generate income, create jobs, and pay taxes. They are the linchpin of social and economic development.”

Malado has long been an advocate for women’s increased economic participation in Africa, noting how it is essential for poverty reduction and inclusive economic growth. And while women are increasingly represented on African corporate boards, there is still work to be done to ensure they are fully represented and given the relevant education and economic opportunities.

Similar work is required in the healthcare sector, as noted by Amujae Leader Umra Omar, who has been a pioneer in providing essential health services to rural communities in Kenya through Safari Doctors – a community-based healthcare organization she founded in 2015.

Taking part in the Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2023, she delivered an inspiring account of her journey as a woman leader in the health sector and how Safari Doctors transformed her from “a donor to a doer.”

Amujae Leader Dr Adaeze Oreh was also spotlighted for her work in public health by the Nigerian Public Health Incubation Hub. Dr Oreh was recognized for her “inspiring work in Nigeria’s public health sector.” 

Dr Oreh has been a changemaker in her country’s healthcare sector, advocating for blood policies that reduce maternal and child mortality rates, tackle the transmission of infectious diseases, and improve the distribution of safely-screened blood to remote communities.

Finally, on International Women’s Day, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, announced that she would be running for a second term as Mayor of Freetown. Yvonne has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for her work as a woman leader and has served as a role model for many women and girls in Sierra Leone and across the continent.

Stay connected with the Center as we continue to highlight the Amujae Leaders’ great work on March 8 and beyond.

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