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When women are in decision-making roles, they prioritize areas that are fundamental to safe, stable and thriving societies: health, education, youth development and conflict resolution. Through our work, we strengthen women leaders, by equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to face the complex challenges head-on and overcome the obstacles. Find out more about each of our initiatives below.

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African women remain underrepresented in leadership across the public and private sectors. There are just five women serving as Prime Ministers and two serving as Presidents across the continent. Only one out of every four members of parliament is a woman. And women remain significantly outnumbered in the top ranks of African businesses.


May 2023
According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022, it will take another 132 years to close the gender gap. Despite all these limitations, African women are drivers of progress, and this yearly publication is dedicated to celebrating their efforts and contributions towards Africa’s success. Centring on African women’s progress throughout 2022, the report notes the achievements of women at the highest levels of the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. 
May 2023
African voices, including the voices of Africa’s women must be heard as decisions are made that will affect the future of the world as we know it. This means that solutions to the crisis must take into account the realities on the ground for Africans and other heavily affected people in the world, but also that Africans must have a seat at the decision making table. This is the reason why in this report we look at the top Africans who are shaping discussion and shaking up their communities to respond to the climate crisis.

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