Monica Geingos

Monica Geingos

Madam Monica Geingos is a qualified lawyer with extensive corporate experience. Before assuming the First Lady role in 2015, she was a co-shareholder and Managing Director of Namibia’s largest private equity fund for over a decade and served on the boards of large public and private sector companies as either Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson.

Mrs. Geingos was a long-standing member of high-level policy advisory boards, including the President’s Economic Advisory Council, the governing party’s think tank, and the National Council of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the mandate to advise on national policy formulation and implementation.

As First Lady, Mrs. Geingos has combined her high-level expertise with President Geingos’ war on poverty and inequality. Through the One Economy Foundation (ONE), she has initiated numerous programs that focus on sustainably lifting vulnerable populations out of poverty traps. She is currently overseeing the institutionalisation of key learnings from the #BeFree Movement into Project #BeFree – a one-stop youth center of excellence that intends to provide a continuum of holistic services to meaningfully close service delivery gaps experienced by young people.

In recognition of her work for young women and adolescents girls and her leadership in the global agenda to ending AIDS by 2030, Mrs. Geingos was awarded the ‘World Without AIDS Award’ from the German AIDS Foundation.

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