News Year 2022

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield reflect on the power of women’s leadership and their journeys as leaders

Women’s access to leadership positions is needed more than ever amid the current global challenges we face. Delivering a message of support for women leaders in Africa and across the globe, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf joined US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, in a recent discussion at the United States Institute of Peace.

Quality healthcare and sustainable growth can transform Nigeria, writes Amujae Leader Dr. Adaeze Oreh on country’s 62nd anniversary of independence

On the 62nd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, a group of prominent Nigerian women from all walks of life reflected on their country’s journey through the past six decades, and expressed their hopes and expectations for the future. Among these women is Amujae Leader Dr. Adaeze Oreh who wrote a message of hope and a heartfelt tribute to the people of Nigeria in a recent article in Business Day.

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