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Linda Thomas-Greenfield: “Ma Ellen did not shut the door behind her, she looked back”

Reporting on the launch of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development, The New Dawn Liberia highlighted the strong support that the Center and its flagship Amujae Initiative have received from leaders across the world.

In a speech at the Center’s inauguration, former United States Ambassador to Liberia Linda Thomas-Greenfield said:

“I truly believe if your dream does not scare you it is not big enough. What we see here today is a big dream. President Sirleaf set standards during her 12 years as President of Liberia. She began and continues to set a standard as role model for women empowerment.”

Thomas-Greenfield also noted former president Sirleaf’s vast contributions to women’s advancement in public leadership:

You’ve worked hard…Ma Ellen did not shut the door behind her, she looked back.”

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