FrontPage Africa: “Inspired by President Sirleaf, Cornelia Kruah-Togba Lands Amujae fellowship”

Cornelia Kruah-Togba, a participant in the inaugural Amujae Initiative cohort, was recently featured in FrontPage Africa. In an interview, she highlighted her journey to becoming an Amujae Leader:

“Being selected for this program based on my contribution to country and advocacy for women’s involvement in leadership comes as an accomplishment. I feel proud that I set a goal a few years ago and I’m achieving it.”

She also explained the aims of the Amujae Initiative and discussed former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s work to advance women’s leadership across the continent:

“As Amujae Leaders, we are expected to ensure that we and other women reach the zenith of leadership. This is a huge task—one that requires a lot of intentional planning and actions.”

“Madam Sirleaf, despite all the political hurdles, became the first woman African President. This is a big deal for me being a woman in politics. This singular achievement makes the shoes so big to be filled. However, the Amujae Initiative is there to guide us through this process. We’ll have giants on whose shoulders we can stand to achieve our goals through the mentorship component. Thankfully, Madam Sirleaf and other women leaders who have risen to the highest seat have laid the foundation so that our tasks become less difficult.”

Read the full article here.

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