Ellen Johnson Sirleaf welcomes new cohort of young Kenyan public servants supported by Emerging Public Leaders

Propelling youth into positions of leadership in the public service in Africa will pay dividends in economic growth, good governance, and development. Fifty young Kenyan women and men have recently started their leadership journey by joining the first cohort of the Public Service Emerging Leaders Fellowship—a program led jointly by Emerging Public Leaders (EPL), the Public Service Commission of Kenya, and Emerging Leaders Foundation – Africa.

Former President of Liberia and EPL co-chair Ellen Johnson Sirleaf addressed this next generation of public servants at the inauguration ceremony for the fellowship, alongside EPL founder, Betsy Williams, who is also an inaugural Board Member of the EJS Center. Madam Sirleaf commended their hard work and dedication, saying that they “represent the future” of Kenya and Africa.

“Let us, as Africa, celebrate our success and commitment to hard work and diligence that we see in our public service, as we deepen our regional cooperation and integration… for Africa that we want.” 

The 50 Fellows will receive a year of extensive training and mentorship focused on developing their public-sector leadership skills, in addition to career development support and unique networking opportunities. 

Madam Sirleaf also urged experienced public servants to provide all the necessary support and resources to the inaugural cohort to deepen their experience and allow them to chart a new path toward value-driven public leadership.

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