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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on VOA’s Daybreak Africa program

In a conversation with Voice of America’s (VOA) Moses Garzeawu, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf explained the purpose of the EJS Center and how it will help women leaders to be “more committed, more energized, more active, in taking and promoting intentional leadership, unabashedly.”

Ahead of the Center’s inauguration on 8 March, she explained how it will work to accelerate women’s progress in leadership across the continent:

“It’s objectives are to bring women leaders together to share experiences, to be able to raise their profiles, to come together in perfecting their strategies, their plans, to recognize what leadership means, the responsibilities, and the rewards from leadership.

In this, we hope to create a wave of women, who as a result of their commitment and accomplishment in leadership, will move to even higher levels, will be able to have more influence in the exercise of their leadership.”

Listen to the full Daybreak Africa broadcast here.

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