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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf highlights the importance of including the Global South in finding climate change solutions

In a blog for The Elder’s intergenerational series “It will take all of us: never too young to lead on the climate crisis,” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf highlighted insights from Vanessa Nakate, a young climate activist from Uganda.

The series shares “stories of courage, hope, inspiration and challenge as young leaders in the climate movement write as guest bloggers championed by, and in solidarity with, the Elders.” In the post, Nakate outlines the devastating impact of climate change and warns that those on the frontlines must be engaged in finding solutions. She also highlights the challenge of climate activism in the Global South.

Sirleaf, a member of The Elders, wrote in her introduction to the piece:

“How can we ever authentically talk about climate justice without including the voices and leadership of people from the Global South? As Vanessa persuasively writes, if we erase these voices then we are erasing the ideas, innovations and potential solutions of those who are in many ways best equipped to articulate the threat of climate change. It is the people of the Global South who understand climate change as a reality because it is they who are already suffering its effects. I am inspired by Vanessa’s boldness and courage as a young climate leader, she has demonstrated her commitment through her moving words, but most importantly through her actions.”

 Read the full blog post here.

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