Happy 85th Birthday

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Happy belated birthday Madam President, thanks for all you did and still doing for our country and continent. May you live long.

Best wishes Mama ❤️.

A. Mohammed Sonii

Happy Birthday Trailblazer!!

Dorathy Isu

Happy birthday Mrs. Sirleaf, long life.

Ralph Teh Nyemah

Happy Birthday Madam,

Wishing you good health and posperity.



Adaku Efuribe

A worm greeting from Mogadishu Somalia,I wish you a happy birthday President, you are an inspiration to all African women and girls, God bless you

Asli Duale

Hi Madam,

Happy belated birthday. Your presence in Liberia indicates peace and stability for us. May God keep you with us for years to come. Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate.

And don’t forget, vote for JNB, No. 1. If you love Liberia, do this for me.

Edmond Tamba Ponga

Dear Sister Ellen,

A wonderfull birthday with your family in good HEALTH for many years.

Thank you for everything Amazing lady.

Hugs, hugs, hugs,

Willy Rosette

0031 6 39263542

Willy Heyde

Happy Birthday Madame President. Your life as a leader of a movement for social change has really inspired me. I dream of living a life like yours that is intrinsically linked to the freedom of others. I really believe that a life well lived is a life that is dedicated to enhancing the freedoms of others; that “…to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” (Nelson Mandela). You have inspired my leadership journey: because you have purposed to be apart of a pioneering generation dedicated to the freedom of the girl child. You truly have lived up to the old adage: “to have purposed to discover your true mission and fulfill it, and in relative opacity”. You are a continental resource, and have used your life’s mission to redeem Africa’s posture, to affirm her dignity, and to influence the thinking of society on the question of the freedom of the girl child. I really admire this about you. You have “dared to dream” despite the odds, your life’s success has been intimately connected with the success of nations and the freedom of the girl child. I too would love to live a life that accounts for something bigger than myself. Happy Birthday Madame President. One day: I wish to walk in your footsteps. We too now stand on the shoulders of giants.

Zukiswa Mqolomba South Africa

Happy Birthday Madam Honorable Ellen Johnson

Your tremendous contribution of inspiring and uplifting African women leaders to be active participants in policy making is a legacy etched in stone. Our African saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is one you have embodied in your professional life. Keep up the tempo, you inspire us all.

Mbula E Mbole

Happy Birthday MadamEllen Johnson Sirleaf. You are indeed a good example to all African women in leadership. Your zeal and enthusiasm is indeed an inspiration to us African women in leadership. We are empowered and motivated by your commitment and hard work. I pray for good health and longer life for you. You’re loved.

Mary Naa Agbanye Anum

Happy birthday President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. May God keep you that one day I’ll meet you and shake your hand. You’ve been my greatest inspiration in my career since I joined university reading your book “This child will be great”.

I wish you God’s blessings! Happiest birthday.

Lornah Muthoni Irungu

Happy birthday Madam President! May you continue to be a blessing to Liberia, West Africa, Africa and the World in totality. Let God Almighty empower you will more wins in good tidings.

Brutus Jentzen Hunder

Out of all female people of this planet I wish you a relaxing birthday celebration 🎂 🎈. You have encouraged us to follow your footsteps. Live long dear heroine.

We love you!!!!!!!

Nomusa Maureen Cindi

with this little word, find the pleasure of receiving my wish which is that of fulfilling your wishes. to your other years to come I raise my glass 🥂


Happy birthday Ms Ellen! Thank you for all you do to advance women across Africa.

Ebere Okereke

Happy Birthday mama

Tomas Walker

Super Duper Congratulations on your birthday dear Mama.

Enjoy your season of glory 💞💝 as you inspire more younger African women into purposeful leadership.

Send mi Simji Goshwe

Executive Director

Simji Girl Child Empowerment Initiative Orphanage SGEIO, Jos Nigeria.

Simi Simji Angelina Goshwe

A mentor, an inspiration to us women in leadership. Hbd madam President. You mean the world to us

Fatoumatta njai

There are few octogenarians who deserve our greatest respect for the lives they have touched and the stability they have brought to Liberia’s democracy. You are deserving of such praise and I thank you for being one of Liberia’s exquisite assets. As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you a Very Happy Birthday and many more birthdays to come.

Beverly Thompson

To all of life, our greatest desire is that our eulogies would speak of the contributions we’ve made to build a new world that thrives upon the goodness of our hearts over the depth of our pockets. A capacity to do good and stand up for our fellow man, goodness associated with every good deed and a soul at peace with its mind, spirit and body. You’ve lived this life, ma’am, it’s etched in our hearts for a legacy. May life continuously show you it’s a beautiful place. Happy Birthday, Mami🤍 With Love!

Elizabeth John

A very birthday Madam President Ellen Johnson, wishing you all the best and thanking you for all you have done for African Women. May the good Lord bless you with health, peace of mind and number of days.

happy birthday ma!

Yadi Njie Eribo

Happy blessed birthday, Madam President. Thank you for your continued service to Liberia, the region, the continent and the world. Truly a selfless leader and a caring, compassionate Global citizen. May the good Lord bless you and keep you young and strong. Sending love and prayers🎂🎁🥰💕🙏🏽

June Richards

Best wishes @85 mother,

For grace to keep inspiring madam,

Keep winning;from Liberia 🇱🇷

Best wishes.

Tarnue Z.Brown

Happy belated birthday to one of Africa best female leaders!!! I’m honored to be born with a great woman like you in this month.

Happy Birthday former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

J Quieeyato Korkor Jr

My best wishes for a happy birthday, as you reflect on your life and accomplishments.

C Dinah Coleman

Wishing you, Madam President, a memorable and enjoyable 85th Birthday!

May God protect you and bless you!



Happy super Birthday to a great and wonderful Mother of Nations with the heart of Gold for Mankind.

A great Leader and Mentor to this generation and generations unborn.

Grace, Favor will always loacate you and all yours. The Almighty God will continue to guard and protect you jealously.

Age gracefully in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Congratulations Ma.

Esasa Mamoke Hannah.

Happy birthday our🇱🇷 iron lady, more wisdom mama

Omie Davies

Happy birthday mama , grandmother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf .May God grant you more birthday to come .

George Williams Dagbeh Morris

Happy birthday to a woman that has brought flavour to the lives of countless number of women across Africa through her foresight, resilience and advocacy using her position as the first female African president to further the course of women.

We love you and wish you divine health and supernatural strength for more impactful life

Dr.Chye Nwude

Happy 85th birthday Amazing mother from your Zimbabwean daughter! We look up to you for what the future of Africa must look like. Women in leadership.

Thank you for paving way and may you be given many joyous, peaceful and healthy days ahead.


Comfort Dondo

Happy Birthday to you Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. You are such a remarkable leader, mentor, and an inspiring President! Thank you for your dedication to positive change, unwavering leadership, and commitment to progress. You have inspired young girls across Africa and I just want to say God bless you. May you continue to be a guiding light for us all. May this special day be filled with joy, good health, and well-deserved celebrations. Thank you for your enduring wisdom and inspiration. I truly admire and love you. May your legacy live on.

Mabel Korkor Opata

Happy birthday, Madam President!

You’ve set a high bar! Thank you! Wish you a wonderful birthday!

Winifred Valentine

Happy Birth Excellency Ma’am. Best wishes as you turn 85. You continue to be a great inspiration.

May God bless you abundantly.


Dear Mme President,

This message is to wish you a year of health, happiness, peace and prosperity.


Thank you for your decades of public service and being a shining example for women everywhere. I feel honored and blessed to know you and benefit from your mentorship.

Yawa Hansen-Quao

Greetings and best wishes from Kenya. Every blessing to our trailblazer!

Caroline Kendagor

You’ve always been my personal superhero. Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me over the years. Happy birthday, mama Ellen

Benjamin Bencjo Thomas

Sending our love ,blessings and warm wishes for your birthday Madam President. You are a great inspiration and we look up to you as we follow your footsteps.

May God continue to guide and protect you always.

Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎁🎈

Mapulane Phohleli


“A wish for you on your 85th birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always.” …

Dr. Elizabeth Nkumbula

Your Excellency,

Please allow me to Thank You for allowing God to use you to impact not only your generations but many others beyond that. Your impact and legacy shall be for eternal generations worldwide. Happy Birthday.

Warm Regards,

Carol Machine.


Carol Machine

On this happy occasion of your 85th Birthday I join many, especially fellow Liberians, in wishing you God’s Blessings, continued good health and happiness. Thank you for all you do in service to God and humanity.

D. Elwood Dunn

Happy blessed 85th Madam president,Gods blessings. Thank you for inspiring women and girls in Liberia and the world over.


Happy birthday mama Ellen, you are such a good leader that everyone wishes to follow your path. Thank you for being the change that the world needs.

God grant you more year of excellence, health, peace.

Jovulean Itungu

Happy Birthday Madam President! You represent hope for justice and peace and a better life for women and Africans. We wish you many more years in which you will continue to be an inspiration. God bless you.

Florence Tan

Happy birthday ‘iron lady’ of Ducor!

May Jehovah God continue to bless you🥰.

My name is L. Agape Toe

Happy Birthday Madam! Congratulations on your 85th birthday. I wish you continued health, strength and blessings.

Awele Elumelu

Happy Birthday Your Excellency

You remain an Icon of hope of a better future for female leaders in Africa and beyond.

Continue transforming the landscape for women “one woman at a time!”

We love you and celebrate you now and always!

Dr. Offiong Archibong-Anyanwu

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