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EJS Center Fundraising Lead Dr. Clarence Moniba shares his vision for Liberia’s future in new 12-part series

Dr. Clarence Moniba, Fundraising Lead for the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development, is setting out his optimistic vision for Liberia’s future in a new 12-part video series, ‘A Vision of the Future.’

Dr. Moniba served as Minister of State and Head of the President’s Delivery Unit during President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s tenure, and his career in public service has included working for regional and global institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations, and the African Development Bank. From an early age, he was raised with a strong understanding of public service, as the son of Liberia’s former Vice President Dr. Harry F. Moniba. 

In the first chapter of his new series, Dr. Moniba sets out his hopes for the future of his country, highlighting the importance of education and healthcare:  

“We must have a future in which we send our children not to dirt floor classrooms, but to institutions of knowledge. To have well-prepared teachers to educate willing and well-fed students. We must have a future that allows all Liberians access to caring and well-trained doctors in hospitals that symbolise community, dignity, and excellence.”

Dr. Moniba also highlights the importance of human capital development and social mobility to achieve Liberia’s potential:

“Although we cannot rewrite history, we can influence a future where we not only survive as a nation of people, but through sacrifice and determination we thrive as a nation of people.”

The complete series will cover a range of topics including unleashing the full potential of Liberia’s women, empowering youth, and redefining good leadership.

You can watch the first chapter in the 12-part series below or on Dr. Moniba’s YouTube channel here.


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