EJS Center Board Member and former Minister of Education George Werner supports graduating teachers in Liberia

EJS Center Board Member George Werner has made an invaluable contribution to support graduating teachers in Liberia. Mr. Werner, who served as Minister of Education in former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, contributed L$594,000 (US$2,900) to cover the tuition fees for all teachers graduating from the Liberia Cooperative Standard Education School System (LICOSESS) teacher training college in Grand Kru.

The institution’s chief administrator, Joseph Wehye, noted that:

“Because of Mr. Werner’s gesture to the people of Grand Kru, LICOSESS has also decided to waive the remaining graduating fees of all those who were eligible for graduation.”

As Minister of Education, Mr. Werner spearheaded a bold reform of Liberia’s education sector, under Madam Sirleaf’s leadership. Since leaving government, he has maintained his strong commitment to supporting Liberian teachers and improving the quality of education for Liberian students. In announcing his contribution to LICOSESS, Mr. Werner highlighted the importance of recruiting and training quality teachers for schools across Liberia, particularly those in remote areas:

“The quality of students can’t surpass the quality of their teachers and teachers can’t teach what they don’t know. In far-flung areas like Grand Kru, there is a need for lifelong learning centers. Grand Kru has a history of producing leaders, especially nationally. That history is eroding due to many factors. We need to restore it through concerted efforts.”

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