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Telia Urey

Businesswoman, Politician, Activist

Telia Urey is one of Liberia’s leading female entrepreneurs. A businesswoman, politician, and philanthropist, Ms. Urey was nominated as Female Entrepreneur of The Year at the 2019 Liberian Youth Awards.

Ms. Urey earned a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in Political Science and Sociology. Ms. Urey’s business career began in Canada in 2009, when she established Melyke Hair and sold hair products to clients and companies internationally. In 2010, Ms. Urey went on to open The Pet Store, the first post-war veterinarian clinic in Liberia, which brought relief to many livestock farmers who were at risk of losing their animals due to the lack of veterinarian services in the country.

In 2011, Ms. Urey formed Core Investment Group (CIG in Liberia), one of Liberia’s leading real estate development companies. Ms. Urey is also the owner of the Fuzion d’Afrique Restaurant (Fuzion), ranked as fourth best restaurant in the country by TripAdvisor. Ms. Urey proudly hosts many charitable events at Fuzion.

In 2015, Ms. Urey joined the newly formed All Liberian Party (ALP), a party founded by her father, Benoni Urey. In 2019, Ms. Urey contested in a representative by-election in District 15 in Montserrado County on the ticket of the Collaborating Political Parties, coming in second place.

Ms. Urey is the Founder and Executive Director of Reach Africa International (RAI). Established in 2019, RAI is an independent research, development, and advocacy institution committed to finding innovative and sustainable solutions to human suffering in Africa. RAI’s vision is a developed Africa, where everyone—particularly children, young people, and women—lives fulfilled and poverty-free lives.

Ms. Urey’s humanitarian initiatives include a scholarship program that has aided over 700 students across Liberia from elementary school level to university level. Ms. Urey also serves on the board of the U-Foundation and has been its largest financial contributor. The U-Foundation has worked across Liberia to strengthen water and sanitation, health, education, microcredit, and agriculture in impoverished communities.

As well as her business and political acumen, Ms. Urey has been a strong face for political advocacy in Liberia. She has taken part in protests for social justice and economic change, supported civil society movements, engaged the media, and supported candidates and political campaigns in her fight for change.

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