Amujae Leader Dr. Yakama Manty Jones: Fiscal revenues can help Sierra Leone achieve its development goals

Amujae Leader Dr. Yakama Manty Jones is a seasoned economist and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in government finance and development policies. 

Currently serving as the Director of Research and Delivery at the Ministry of Finance in Sierra Leone, she is making crucial contributions to fiscal policies focused on achieving critical development goals for her country.

Representing the Ministry of Finance at the opening session of the Tax for Development Conference hosted by the International Centre for Tax and Development and the Budget Advocacy Network in Freetown, Dr. Jones weighed in on the role of fiscal revenues in boosting development and improving service delivery.

She pointed out that over 60% of government revenues come from taxes. This, Dr. Jones added, is important for delivering vital services and improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations:

“ enable us to invest in education, health, and infrastructure… support agriculture and local food production, pursue adaptation measures in response to climate change, and expand our social safety nets to reach our most vulnerable citizens.”

Dr. Jones was adamant that the government must continue to “create the fiscal space to allow us to safeguard our people… and continue making progress on our national development plan.”

Placing emphasis on health and environmental policies, Dr. Jones said that the Sierra Leone government is working continuously on improving fiscal measures in order to provide the necessary resources for healthcare systems and to support reforestation and conservation efforts. 

She also addressed the researchers at the conference, saying their studies and findings will be invaluable in improving tax policies and administrative practices “for the good of Sierra Leone.”

Watch the full opening session here.

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