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Bogolo Kenewendo appointed to the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council

2021 Amujae Leader Bogolo Kenewendo has been appointed to the recently-formed G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC), a group that will lead the UK’s gender equality work at the G7.

The 19 council members are an international group of distinguished scientists, diplomats, business leaders, and advocates “united by their commitment to democracy and women’s empowerment.” Ms. Kenewendo, a global economist with a particular focus on Pan-African development, is also a vocal advocate for gender equity and the protection of children’s rights. Alongside other world-leading experts, as a member of the GEAC she will be contributing to the global dialogue and action on COVID-19 response and recovery, helping to ensure that “women are at the heart of the build back better agenda.” 

This year’s G7 Summit is scheduled to be held from 11–13 June. In addition to COVID-19 response and recovery, the themes for the meeting include prosperity and trade, climate and environment, and global values.

During a conversation with UN Women following her appointment, Ms. Kenewendo emphasized the importance of gender equity and expressed her support for the organization’s Generation Equality campaign:

“Building a better world is everyone’s responsibility. Equity does not take away from anybody. I encourage everyone to be an ally and to stop asking questions that reflect negative stereotypes about women’s rights…Everyone should be a women’s rights activist or an ally because, as cliché as it may sound, when a woman is empowered, she raises the whole society and community.”

You can read Ms. Kenewendo’s conversation with UN Women here. The official announcement by the UK Government about the launch of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council is here.

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