Amujae Leader Yawa Hansen-Quao highlights the importance of investing in the next generation of public leaders in Africa

In a recent article for the Chandler Foundation’s Social Investor Magazine, Amujae Leader and Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders Yawa Hansen-Quao addresses an important topic: the need to invest in the next generation of public leaders to achieve sustainable and durable change in Africa.

The article, titled ‘A New Generation Rises,’ highlights why improving government performance is key for Africa’s progress and development.

“Ultimately, we will not achieve our development goals by building parallel systems of delivery. Governments are not roadblocks to be bypassed. They are necessary partners in achieving sustainable, catalytic, durable, systemic change.”

Yawa also shares what she views as the four major challenges faced by governments in countries with underperforming institutions: a culture of corruption and poor leadership, unclear processes and policies, lack of high-performing staff, and low capacity of incoming and current staff.

Although these challenges may seem hard to overcome, Yawa affirms they aren’t insurmountable – as long as well-trained, committed public servants are given space in leadership. Through her work at Emerging Public Leaders, a public service leadership organization preparing Africa’s next generation of leaders, she has been setting the path for this change.

“Our Public Service Fellowship program provides a merit-based pathway for skilled youth to enter government. We offer selected university graduates two years of salaried employment in government institutions, with training and mentoring that positions them to contribute to improve public service delivery, spur good governance, and growth. Post-fellowship, our graduates carry forward with meaningful careers in public service.”

Founded in 2009, Emerging Public Leaders currently consists of a network of over 160 fellows. The organization has already supported several trained and ethical young leaders as they work to make a difference in Liberia and Ghana’s civil service.

To read the full article, click here.

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