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Amujae Leader Tejumola Abisoye discusses wide-ranging support offered to women entrepreneurs in Lagos State

With a loan portfolio fully dedicated to women, the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) is playing an active role in helping women entrepreneurs build and grow their own businesses.

CEO and Executive Secretary of LSETF, Amujae Leader Tejumola Abisoye is confident that this support is transforming lives and improving the business environment for women in Lagos State.

In a recent interview with The Daily Trust, Ms. Abisoye offered insights into LSETF’s approach to promoting entrepreneurship and job creation for youth and women through dedicated loans and skills development programs.

“We have a fund that is dedicated only to women, and in all of our grant programs we target the most vulnerable businesses. We have a commitment to make sure that at least 40 percent goes to .”

She added that LSETF’s skills development programs are also designed to help the youth, not only gain the skills needed to enter the job market, but also acquire an entrepreneurial mindset.

In addition to providing access to finance to around 13,000 businesses, LSETF also offers legal, financial, and human resources advice and support to entrepreneurs and businesses across Lagos State, Ms. Abisoye said.

“We found out that there are more issues around capacity development, and we’ve been able to support about 34,000 businesses in that respect.” 

She added that a significant proportion of support also goes to tech businesses to help boost the tech sector’s job creation potential.

Read the full interview here.

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