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Amujae Leader Malado Kaba: Let us fight impunity with steadfastness and equity

In a recent op-ed, Amjuae Leader and former Economy and Finance Minister of the Republic of Guinea, Malado Kaba called for a steadfast stand against bad governance in order to fight impunity. 

Mourning the tragic death of abuse victim Mmah Sylla, Ms. Kaba wrote in Jeune Afrique that her death was the direct result of deep-rooted bad governance that was left unpunished:

“Have we become so blinded and anaesthetized by decades of indifference, disorder, injustice, impunity, and bad governance? Because yes, for me, the tragedy endured by Mmah Sylla is a result of this bad governance that has endured and has gone unpunished for the most part.” 

Very few were taking a stand against bad governance, she wrote, adding that selfish interests driven by the need to uphold a system that thrives on the exploitation of resources were exacerbating impunity. Ms. Kaba pointed out, however, that bad governance could be defeated through peaceful means by demonstrating steadfastness and acting with equity.

Warning against the grave consequences of the violation of rules and laws, Ms. Kaba said that many victims paid the ultimate price because of the pervasiveness of impunity and corruption.

“Victims were abused when men and women were allowed to drain the economy of a country for their own benefit and that of their families. This is the heavy price that a country like ours, so rich and yet so poor, has to pay!” 

Ms. Kaba concluded by saying that Mmah Sylla left behind a legacy of courage and a call to “break the silence,” and take a stand against violence and impunity.

Read the full article in French here: https://bit.ly/302WKx1

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