Amujae Leader Malado Kaba hails late mayor of Kaloum as role model for women leaders

“For me, Hadja Aminata Touré represents all that every man or woman in politics should emulate.”

With these words, Amjuae Leader, and former Economy and Finance Minister of the Republic of Guinea, Malado Kaba mourned the passing of Mayor of Kaloum, Guinea, Aminata Touré in a recent article.

Hailing the “simple and pragmatic” approach that brought her success in her bid to become the mayor of Kaloum in 2018, Ms. Kaba said that the late mayor had led an exemplary electoral campaign in which she listened to residents’ concerns—presenting a program to change the face of the Guinean city and improve living conditions. 

The Amujae Leader drew a picture of Mrs. Touré as a woman leader who offered “many fundamental lessons” through her work as mayor. Expanding on the late mayor’s achievements, Ms. Kaba highlighted three defining actions that left their mark on the city of Kaloum.

The first two actions were characterized by Mrs. Touré’s focus on urban planning and on transparency in local governance. As a result, she said the late mayor transformed the prospects of youth in the city and increased citizens’ access to information and budget transparency:

“Here, by focusing on aspects that are conducive to democracy, Mrs. Aminata Touré has demonstrated political intelligence.” 

The third action highlighted by Ms. Kaba was her ability “to listen to the citizens”—a quality needed in every elected leader.

To conclude her eulogy of Mrs. Touré, the Amujae Leader emphasized her enduring legacy as a symbol of women’s successful public leadership, saying:

“This is what Hadja Aminata Touré, Mayor of Kaloum, was for me.”

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