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Amujae Leader Kula Fofana urges graduates to use their qualifications to make Liberia stronger

Amujae Leader Kula Fofana encouraged graduates to make the most of their education by developing their country and improving quality of life for Liberians, when she delivered the keynote address at the University of Liberia’s 101st graduation ceremony

Ms. Fofana, the former Assistant Minister for Youth Development at Liberia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, explained how graduates with different degrees could use their expertise for Liberia’s benefit: 

“Some of you are obtaining your in agriculture—be prepared to help solve Liberia’s food deficit and improve our environment. Graduates with an electrical engineering degree: Liberia’s electrical problems are enormous, please do not be the ones to contribute to the rise in power theft. Be the change. The civil engineers: I hope you will be the ones to help build and improve our infrastructures and the layout of our cities.”

Reminding graduates that bouncing back from failure is part of success, Ms. Fofana also stressed the importance of perseverance and hard work:

“The backbone of success is service, hard work, and sleepless nights. You must work very hard to achieve that.”

Ms. Fofana’s speech closed with a message to the young women graduating, urging them to know their worth and be willing to work to achieve their full potential:

“To the young women and girls here today: let me tell you something. Society has tried to box us in for centuries. Know that you, my friend and sister, are valid. You are complete and can do whatever you put your minds to… Do your best and believe in yourself.  Go out and pursue your dreams. You can!”

Read more about the graduation ceremony and Ms. Fofana’s keynote address here.

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