Amujae Leader Farida Bedwei discusses the need for action to advance Africa’s economic prosperity

It’s about time we stop talking and start doing,” was the takeaway message Amujae Leader Farida Bedwei had for audiences at the Startup Summit Ghana 2021. 

Speaking on a panel discussing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and how it might contribute to Africa’s prosperity, Ms. Bedwei impressed the need for policies and pan-African agreements, like AfCFTA, to benefit those at all levels of society: 

“Most of these policies have historically just benefited the elite. It can’t be top-heavy. It has to make a difference to those at the bottom of the chain.” 

Ms. Bedwei went on to highlight the need for intra-African collaboration to drive prosperity. Pointing out how hard it is to cross borders in a timely fashion or travel directly to another economic zone, she noted specifically the need to make it easier for people to travel.

Ms. Bedwei also emphasized the importance of convenience to drive economic growth, calling on banks to be more customer-centric and to remove barriers that prevent the informal sector and entrepreneurs from accessing capital or managing their money. 

The full panel discussion can be viewed here.

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