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Amujae Leader Fadzayi Mahere on tech, politics, and the future of engagement

Amujae Leader and lawyer Fadzayi Mahere recently featured on the online series #RelaunchingAfrica, hosted by TechHer NG in partnership with research analyst Ms Mandipa Ndlovu. The organization provides technology knowledge and training to women in Africa and champions young people’s engagement with politics.

During the conversation, Fadzayi encouraged young people to live a life of meaning by creating change in their communities and beyond—fighting battles now so that future generations won’t have the same struggles. Talking about the need to transform the way young people engage in public life in Africa, Fadzayi said, “We can be in a constant state of struggle, or we can change the nature of the struggle.” 

Fadzayi also spoke about the need to go beyond elections and create change that is long lasting. In order for people to see politics as more than just a vote, or a seat, she believes that citizens should hold leaders to account and become active participants.

When asked about the importance of digital campaigning in opening up politics to young people,  Fadzayi said:

“You need to go digital to get your message out there. What going digital does is it cuts the cost of a campaign by a lot. Obviously we must be careful as a digital campaign can never substitute the work you have to do at the grassroots. You still have to meet people, you still have to knock on doors.”

Learn more about Fadzayi here.

The Amujae Initiative is a program of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development. Learn more about the Center here.

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