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Amujae Leader Dr. Yakama Manty Jones joins young changemakers in discussing opportunities for positive change in Sierra Leone

Are young Sierra Leoneans given the support they need to make their mark and thrive in the global economy? Can entrepreneurship, vocational education, and training empower them to succeed and achieve their ambitions?

In a recent discussion with young changemakers from different backgrounds on DW’s ‘The 77 Percent,’ Amujae Leader Dr. Yakama Manty Jones addressed the challenges and opportunities that ambitious young Sierra Leoneans encounter in their educational and professional journeys. To give them the best chance to succeed, she argued, skills development must be diversified by tapping into multi-sectoral resources:

“It doesn’t need to be just one sector where one has a calling to serve. You can serve in multiple ways. You can be a doctor and still be an entrepreneur, you can be an entrepreneur and an advocate.” 

Young people’s learning journey in Sierra Leone must continue beyond primary and secondary education, she added. By bringing in a diverse range of support, the government can complement its free and quality education program with further opportunities that help youth thrive as changemakers:

“We have those NGOs working towards empowering girls, those working towards driving entrepreneurship. how we can accelerate efforts to bring all of this together and in a systematic way.”

Dr. Jones also noted that addressing the challenges faced by ambitious young entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, including low internet coverage and access to electricity, requires young women and men who are eager to drive positive change—a role she is fulfilling as the Director of Research and Delivery at the Ministry of Finance:

“It’s my responsibility as a citizen to be in spaces where I can drive positive change… my belief is that make sure that we have a critical mass of changemakers.”

Watch the complete discussion here, including interventions from young women entrepreneurs and changemakers.

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