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Amujae Leader Dagmawit Moges Bekele calls for a new, sustainable era of aviation in Africa

The aviation sector must drive innovation and adapt to the change that COVID-19 has created across the world in order to ensure a sustainable and long-term restoration of the industry. 

This was Amujae Leader and Minister of Transport of Ethiopia Dagmawit Moges Bekele’s central message as she delivered the opening keynote speech at the recent Aviation Leadership CEOs Forum, hosted by Aviators Africa

During her address, Ms. Moges discussed the critical role that aviation plays in connecting the social, political, and economic sectors across the African continent, and called for “rapid development and change” to effectively restore the industry post-COVID-19. 

Shareholders must prioritize accountability and sustainability in order to create the transparency that is necessary to support the continued growth of the African aviation sector. The aviation industry relies on traditional business models, but Ms. Moges urged actors to think differently, saying, “there is no universally accepted corporate governance structure in the world.” In particular, the industry must adopt a modern approach including sustainable environmental credentials, promoting socio-economic benefits, and investing in the local community.

Ms. Moges was also interviewed and featured on the front cover of the most recent edition of Aviators Africa magazine. When asked about women in leadership and gender equity in the transport sector, Ms. Moges – Ethiopia’s first woman Minister of Transport – stressed the importance of partnerships:

“As an African woman, I believe strong partnerships should start from the immediate neighbors. For African women, having a good neighbor means everything…So, I advise African states to work with each other, to help each other and realize a strong African aviation industry.”

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