Amujae Leader Anne Waiguru highlights the importance of gender-responsive local climate action at the Kusi Ideas Festival

Communities across Kenya are adversely affected by the impacts of climate change, requiring urgent mitigation and adaptation measures at the local level.

As the Governor of Kenya’s Kirinyaga County and the Chairperson of the Council of Governors, Amujae Leader Anne Waiguru has been involved in key climate interventions with several county governments across the country.

Speaking at the Kusi Ideas Festival, Ms. Waiguru pointed out that, despite their ambitious approach, county governments face financial and technical constraints that prevent them from effectively addressing the threats of climate change. Policymakers must “collaborate with county governments to make Kenya’s mitigation and adaptation goals a reality,” she added. 

Ms. Waiguru also highlighted key takeaways from the recent 27th Conference of Parties—COP 27—including the importance of gender-responsive climate action in strengthening the capacity of women in developing countries. 

“Further work is needed under the Gender Action Plan in order to facilitate access to climate finance for vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples and local communities.”

Urging national governments and local authorities to raise the awareness of communities across Africa about the impacts of climate change, Ms. Waiguru said that “the healing process” must begin through localized climate action.

“We will have more impact when we have the communities involved in the mitigation .”

Watch the full discussion here.

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