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Africa’s Women’s Day: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf receives special recognition from the African Union

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was featured by the African Union in a series of special recognitions posted to celebrate this year’s ‘Africa’s Women’s Day’. Designated by the African Union, ‘Africa’s Women’s Day’ occurs annually, on July 31, with the purpose of honoring all women’s contributions to Africa’s progress and development.

Throughout the day, the African Union highlighted several inspiring and influential African women currently working to make a difference on the continent and honored the memory of those who made history helping to advance women’s rights in the past. 

The EJS Center shares the African Union’s goal of acknowledging and honoring the important work that women across Africa undertake every day to support the sustainable development of the continent. Through our flagship Amujae Initiative and our other work, we seek to amplify the voices of African women and increase their representation in public leadership.

On this day, we would like to recognize our Amujae Leaders for their efforts to make their communities, their countries, and their continent a better place. From enhancing public health to improving education and advancing inclusive development, they epitomize the positive leadership that Africa’s Women’s Day seeks to acknowledge.

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