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“I hope this Center will be an inspiration and motivation. I hope for many women, it will let them know that to excel is not something that is given to you… If you want it, you fight for it.”

– Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Motivation

What if we could directly impact the 1.2 billion people in Africa, by hitting one simple target:
ensuring women are equally represented in leadership roles?

Forming half of the population, African women are notably underrepresented in African public service leadership. And yet, when women are in decision-making roles, they prioritize areas that are fundamental to safe, stable and thriving societies: health, education, youth development and conflict resolution. What if we could solve the complex challenges across the African continent, by ensuring that African women are fully engaged in all aspects of public life?


In championing women’s ascension to the highest levels of leadership, we will continue to directly challenge systemic barriers to girls’ and women’s advancement for the betterment of all.


More voices heard.
More talents unleashed.
More leaders launched that prioritize women’s aspirations.

Our Approach

The EJS Center uses a three-strand interwoven approach to address the challenge of gender inequality: leadership development; research & communications and archives.

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