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A just and well-financed climate transition can transform Africa, says Amujae Leader Bogolo Kenewendo

Africa has been disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change and has an essential part to play in climate discussions, ensuring just and well-financed sustainable growth across the continent.

As the recently appointed UN Climate Change High-Level Champion’s Special Advisor, Africa Director, Amujae Leader Bogolo Kenewendo is able to make a strong contribution to climate action on the continent.

In a recent interview with Africa Renewal, Ms. Kenewendo voiced her determination to help African nations and non-state actors become active leaders in a well-controlled transition toward a low-carbon economy. 

“It is clear that climate action needs all levels of leadership to be involved and this year it’s important that we have a strong African presence in climate action discussions.  Mine is to ensure that their voice is heard. 

She also stressed the importance of investing in climate action projects and supporting a strong African presence at the upcoming COP27 discussions that will take place on the African continent.

Asked about her experience as Botswana’s former Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry and how it informs her views on sustainable growth in Africa, Ms. Kenewendo said that a just low-carbon transition could offer many opportunities for new industries to emerge—including the development of green value chains that benefit local populations:

“Interestingly, this has led to the recognition of African indigenous knowledge and locally produced seeds and food, a welcome development for agriculture and those who have been historically left out of mainstream modern economies.” 

Ms. Kenewendo concluded the interview with a nod to the positive prospects and the “whole new impetus” for growth and development that a green economy can offer to the African continent.

Read the full interview here.

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